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quality mixing mastering service

A mixing & mastering online service catering to genres including  metal, death metal, Djent, post-hardcore, etc., rock, & pop styles as well as providing quality libraries for Nebula VST. No matter what part of the world you are from, collaboration is possible.


Superior processing and monitoring with quality tools, knowledge, and experience. Digital flexibility &, fidelity to your satisfaction.  Recall and tweakability for your music for any mix or mastering session. 


As always, the bedrock of it all is a high resolution, 64-bit audio system in Sonar X3.

featured work

Villians - Down-tempo, Djent


what's up

Jan '14 - Been mixing rock/metal artist Stephen Mahlstedt. His projects and audio coming soon.

Dec '13 - mixing Italian metal band Second Brain

Oct '13 - check out my remix of "Directions to Servants" by the down-tempo Djent band Villians

Sept '13 - mastering some thrash metal! Posted more audio examples. TMA also welcomes the Focal SM9, an exquisite mixing & mastering monitor! Everything translates on these: metal, rock, pop, classical, you name it.

Aug '13 - guys, a big upgrade is coming to my monitoring system. Will update in coming weeks.

May '13 - Mastering progressive metal Meridian
Jan,Feb '13 - Mixing thrash metal band Solvo Animus' EP & several mastering one-offs

Modern Day Salieri - Metal

Arena Rock

Spyros - Orchestral Metal

Break Away - Hardcore

Villians -
 Djent, down-tempo

Mortal Enemy -

Randall Flagg - 
Post Hardcore, Metal 

Battle of the War Machines - Thrash

Mike Belasco - Acoustic

Okkoto -
Post Metal

Kazem Davoudian 


Claudio Giovanni -Guitar Instrumental

Brian Lightfoot -

Sterling Sound -
Shootout Demo

All audio on this page is copyrighted by the respective artist and is used here with permission or is for demonstration purposes.

Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for "fair use" for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research.

Pariah - Modern Death Metal

Top 10 Norwegian Charts!

Trigon Aion - Death Metal

Feature: Karl Sanders (Nile) & Kevin Talley

For A Season - Pop/Rock

Atlas Versus - Djent, Hybrid Metal

Indaba Music


Solvo Animus -Thrash/Power


Meridian- Progressive, Modern Metal

The audio here is streaming in converted MP3 format







Options to pay by PayPal or most major credit cards. Arrangements will be made via email before the start of a project. Before the start of any project, at least 50% of the total fee must be paid. The other 50%, before the final delivery of the tracks.


This is the all-around preferred method. Any file exchange or storage website can be used to exchange audio files. However I have and use a Minus account. You get plenty of space and also features a desktop app. Use this link to get even more free space for your files. For mastering clients that are pressing to CD, I will email you a professional, secure DDP along with a free, "TMA" branded DDP player for your preview.



Here's some information for preparing your material for submission. Everything from file formats to file attributes is included.  If things are still not 100% clear, feel free to send an email.  


Click here for preparation info.


Mixing - info 

Please send an email with details about your project and we'll take it from there.


(pre) Mastering - info
$50/mix (8+ songs 10% off total)


Stem Mastering - info

$70/mix (8+ songs 10% off total)



$7/min/instrument track

Sound Replacement (drums, guitar) - info
$10/instrument track

Drum to MIDI Conversion - info

$5/min per instrument track


High Quality MP3's - can also master for iTunes

$5/mix (otherwise provided free of charge with

any mastering session)

DDP Only Master - info



- Cranesong Avocet (primary)

- Tident HG3 + Rubicon sub

- Sennheiser HD650

- Beyerdynamic DT131

- Ultimate Support MS100 Stands

- Lynx Aurora16 + AES16

DAW & Assembly

- i7-3930k (ADK), 16G DDR3, Win 7x64, i5-2500

- Sonar X3 x64, POW-r Dither, Voxengo SRC

- HOFA/Sonoris DDP

Processing & Chains

- Nebula (Featuring SSL 4K,API 1608, Neumann

  SP75,Neve 1073,API 512 5500,Teldec EQ+ Custom chains)

- SSL Duende

- Slate Digital


- Voxengo Elephant

- Sonnox Supressor

- EWSO, HS, Silk, RA, Choir

- Neve 8816

- Joe Meek Q Strip

- Drawmer Tube Compressor

- Platinum Penta FET Compressor

- BBE Sonic Maximizer 482i

- Aphex Aural Exciter C2

- Rane ME15B EQ

Acoustics & Wiring 

- Room thoroughly tuned using REW 5, RS SPL,

MathAudio RC

- Acoustic Measuring Mic EMM-6

- Broadband Bass Traps, Mix Cloud, RFZ @ mix

- Rear Skyline Diffusors

- Beldin, Mogami Wiring & Neutrik Connectors

- Digital & Analog gain structures optimized

about & contact

I have always been interested in the audio aspect of music. Even back when I was much younger, (circa '92) I "invented" a way to have multi-tracks by means of daisy-chaining cassette decks over dubbing and that was exciting! When I got my first 4-track Portastudio I would work on capturing guitar tones with endless mic positions and quaint set-ups. Eventually, in 2003 I received official certification and I'm part of the Alumni of The Institute of Audio Research. Formal education open my mind to intuitive ideas I had about audio. From then on, I started working on unique ways of processing audio in both the digital and analog realm. The efforts have resulted in a culmination of methods of processing that I incorporate into my work.


I also play guitar and compose orchestral pieces with MIDI mock-ups.

Practical Audio Engineering: 12+ years

Musical Involvement: 22 years

Musical Endeavors: 

Mixing & mastering engineer Bob Davodian


Bob Davodian

Audio Engineer/Musician


Email: transcendingmusic AT yahoo

Skype ID: tmabob

 Contacts for Transcending Music Audio, mixing and mastering online service

 Contacts for Transcending Music Audio, mixing and mastering online service



Divine Rapture - Death Metal